The “Down Low” about Black Labs

Black Labs are originally from Newfoundland.  They were bred to work alongside fisherman, helping to pull in fishing nets, so a fun day for a Black Lab is a day spent in water. And they are the most popular breed of dog in America because:

  • they are outgoing
  • eager to please
  • adaptable
  • gentle
  • intelligent
  • great family dogs that are active and love kids

Black Lab are generally not considered adult dogs until age three, when they start to settle down. Black Labs are considedred a large breed dog and can weigh between 50 and 80 pounds so they need:

  • lots of exercise
  • lots of space
  • lots of training

We will provide tips and techniques for training so you can enjoy being both indoors and outdoors with your dog.

And Black Labs love to eat and will eat just about anything.  We thought the cooling chicken was safe in a covered roaster in the kitchen sink.  We came home to find an empty roaster and a grease spot on the floor! It’s important to feed a Black Lab good food, which will support strong bones and a healthy coat.  We will have recommendations for dog food depending on the needs of your dog and your budget.

Black Labs have short, thick fur and shed constantly in temperate climates.  They need:

  • regular grooming every 3-4 months to keep their nails trimmed, ears cleaned and skin healthy
  • weekly brushing to keep the dog’s coat shiny and water resistant

Black Labs love to play and chew on things.  Since they have a lot of energy, they will play for long periods of time.  We will have suggestions on toys so your dog can play with you as well as staying occupied while you are gone or need to get chores done around the house.

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