Potty Park

Potty Park

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The Potty Park is an easy way to housetrain your Black Lab.  Clean, odorless and easy to use inside or outside.

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Product Description

With long work days and long commutes, your Black Lab can be in the house alone for many hours.  The Potty Park can help your dog be more comfortable if you are gone for a long time and safe you from the necessity of cleaning up “accidents”.

As your Black Lab urinates on the green grassy Potty Park surface, the urine drains through a pattern of designed openings and empties into a secure reservoir at the base of the Potty Park.  When you are ready to empty the it you only need to pull the collection drawer open by its handle and empty the contents into the toilet.  Easy and fool-proof And for other doggie business, simply pick up the feces as you would from any grassy area.

The science behind the design of the Potty Park makes it attractive to dogs.  And for pet owners who don’t have extra time, the Potty Park eliminates the need to replant and water new grasses. And you don’t have to worry about spilling an open tray while trying to dispose of your dogs waste.

The Potty Park is designed for today’s busy family who would rather have fun playing with their Black Lab than cleaning up after him.

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