EzyDog Summit Backpack

EzyDog Summit Backpack


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dogwithbackpackIt’s time to get out and enjoy these long summer days.  And your Black Lab wants to go with you!  But it takes a lot of gear to be gone for a day.  Just for you, your backpack is full with food, water, rain gear and an extra sweater in case it gets cold.  So where will you put food and water for your dog? The answer is you won’t!  With the EzyDog Summit Backpack, your dog will carry his own gear.

TheEzyDog Summit Backpack has a chest plate harness which fits securely to your dog’s chest for a comfortable custom fit. The breathable mesh conforms to your Black Lab’s back and features a built-in padded carry handle for quick control. Simply attach your dog’s leash to the D-ring to walk with your dog or, if you are in a area where your Black Lab can be under voice control, simply attach the leash to the leash caddy, so you have your hands free. The main compartments feature waterproof zippers, coated Ripstop material and reflective trim. So even in the rain your dog’s food, treats and dish will stay dry.  And if you are out at night the reflective trim will help you keep an eye on your Black Lab. The front panel has a quick release pocket to give you easy access to frequently needed items.  And it also has an ID sleeve! The EzyDog Summit Backpack is comfortable, flexible and fun.  It can also be paired with pick-up bags for everywhere you go with your dog.  The Summit Backpack is also appropriate for use with service dogs and hunting dogs.

The EzyDog Summit Backpack comes in two color combinations; black & charcoal and red & black, and in sizes small medium, large and extra-large.


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