Keep you Black Lab cool on hot days
Keep you Black Lab cool on hot days

Cool K-9 Dog Cooling Jacket


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The Cool K-9 Dog Cooling Jacket

Summer is here!  The days are becoming long and hot.  This is a hard time of year for Black Labs.  Originally bred in the cooler climate of Newfoundland, they are now found all over the world including very warm climates.  Even if you live in a relatively cool climate, it’s not unusual to have some weeks with hot temperatures. Your Black Lab can get very hot walking, jogging or hiking with you in the summer.  The Cool K-9 Dog Cooling Jacket can help keep your dog cooler and more comfortable for summer fun.

The Cool K-9 Dog Cooling Jacket uses new temperature regulating technology. This dog cooling jacket works through water-absorbing, cross-linked polymers which are sewn into supplex fabric. Just soak the dog jacket completely with water and then put the jacket on your dog to help him fight off heat exhaustion and keep him cool on hot days. The dog cooling jacket acts as a perspiration system. It absorbs heat from your dogs body, then allows the heat to dispel the natural evaporation process. This allows your dog to “sweat” instead of just panting and sweating through his pads,. helping him cool off. Check out this new, exciting cooliing jacket today.  Your Black Lab with remain cool and comfortable for more summer outdoor fun with you!

“Large Cool K-9 Dog Cooling Jacket Good for dogs 60-100lbs. Fits chest sizes 29-36″””cool k-9 dog cooling jacket

ONLY $62.99!  Buy now and keep your Black Lab cool this summer!


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