Grooming Your Black Lab-Skin and Coat

Grooming your Black Lab is very important.  Whether you groom him yourself or take him to a professional groomer, it’s a great time to check your Black Lab from head to toe for health issues.  As your dog is groomed, it’s important to look for fleas, ticks, infections and cuts.  And while your grooming your Black Lab, both of you should be having fun.

A lot goes into grooming your Black Lab, and in this post I want to focus on the skin and coat of the dog.  Black Labs have a double coat that insulates them against cold and wet weather. The guard hairs (outer coat) are harsh and have natural oils to repel dirt and water.  The undercoat is much softer and thicker to keep your dog warm.  Black Labs shed all year, but especially in the spring so you will want to brush him outside, in the laundry room or garage. Although I have Maverick groomed professionally, I brush him on a regular basis.  When he gets dirty in the yard, a quick rinse with the hose or a good brushing will clean him up.  I have several different brushes; a bristle brush, a shedding blade.  But by far my favorite brush is the FURminator.  Sounds imposing, doesn’t it?  And it is.

Attack shedding with the FURminator

It is absolutely amazing how your Black Labs shedding will be reduced once you start using the FURminator. No rake, brush or comb comes close in my opinion And these brushes are designed  for every pet size and hair length for faster, more efficient deShedding every time. The FURminator helps reduce shedding up to 90% and stainless steel edge reaches both the outer coat and the undercoat to gently remove loose hair.  And with a push of the button on top of the tool, it is clean and and the loose hair is removed easily.

The FURminator makes grooming Black Labs easy by capturing the hair so there is less for you to sweep up.