Bully Sticks for Dogs = Endless Happy Hours!

Black Labs are active dogs and want a lot of attention. Maverick is always by my side and usually wants to play. But, I can’t always play with him. Like most of you, I have a busy and active life. Sometimes I do have to clean house or iron, or write this post. Right now Mav is happy chewy on a bully stick!

Bully Sticks for dogs are made from the pizzle or penis of the bull. Pizzles have historically been used for different purposes from walking canes to medicinal powders, and even eaten in their raw or cooked form by people in parts of the world today. In the United States, pizzles are most commonly used as dog chews. Bully sticks originate from primarily US or South American cattle. In recent years there have been new products introduced to the US market from India (these are water buffalo pizzles) and from Australia and New Zealand. Most people prefer bully sticks that are from either the US or South America because of the safety and cooking standards employed.

Bully Sticks may be smoked in a traditional smoker to remove moisture during production. The bully sticks are then hung vertically from racks and cooked in an oven to ensure that they are bacteria free and safe for dog’s consumption. Hanging the bully sticks vertically removes most of the moisture from the product and the longer that they are dried the less odor they have.

Bully sticks come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of the dog. Because of their size, Black Labs generally like a longer wider bully stick that will keep them busy for hours. Bully sticks are not dangerous to your Black Lab, but some dogs may swallow the end without chewing it and may choke. You can give a bully stick to your Black Lab every day, but only one a day since they are high in protein.

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